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January 16
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IC: unusual scarfs and comfortable sweaters by HuskyFrusky IC: unusual scarfs and comfortable sweaters by HuskyFrusky
new year new style hollah *SHOTSOHARDICANT* 
jk jk jk 

OKAY, to those of you that like to write, do you ever get that feeling where you just.. can't properly portray a character? Like you can't get their personality right? Ugh, that's me right now. I am SO motivated to finish Indigo child, but every time I go to write it comes out crappy. So I've been idly writing short 20 minute thrown together things to practice his personality, but still. It's difficult getting into writing Indigo child again, but I won't deny it, I missed my babies♥ 

I wanted to try something new with the style. I've hardly had any motivation to get done with anything-- much less commissions-- but even my motivation for my own stuff is painstakingly low. I promised I'd get two chapters done today but NAH can't even get this dude's personality right, so out of frustration I drew this. 

Enjoy I suppose xD? This new style look okay, or keep doing what I was doing before......? 

Indigo child/Art - me ~ 
KiittyDitty Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014
why is your art so beautiful no matter what sobs go home
I like the feel of colored lines though, it looks idk softer/sweeter ;w; ....
........draw an intense picture with them I dare //SHOTSOHARD anYWAYS just hushush your art is the queen of all art cmon the world knows that bye you are fab<333333 *snuggles face* sh sh
FlameHeadSavvy Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
You just keep doing what you want.
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