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August 24, 2013
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Decided to try out for :iconpkmn-armonia:
im not really a big group person but ; I really wanted to always get into Armonia and such, it looks like a great group to me uvu
also im in a really big anthro-y mood. So.

Name: Cain Gazaway 
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Birthday:April 15 
Height: 6'0 
Weight 175 lbs 
Nature: Bold
Ability: Static 
Hometown: Mauville City

Personality: Cain-- like his nature states-- is a very bold individual. His feelings aren't kept quiet, upfront and opinionated about everything. He will not hesitate to make a rude or angry remark, to slander or bash you, or even start fights. To say the least, he is bad at "holding his tongue." This cuts both ways. He isn't afraid to insult, but he also doesn't shy away from complimenting people he finds interest in, any flirting is not subtle and hinted, and his interest in you will not be hidden. Cain is also very hot headed, his temper a very short and dangerous fuse, almost eager to yell or scare you off with words, not afraid to even batter you around if words won't make you back down. Cain is not good at taking criticism, seeing every insult or helpful hint as an attack to his ego. He is not always mindful of his manners, and most certainly not considerate of other's feelings. Perhaps managing to get closer to him would soften him a little, but, who knows? 

History: Cain's parents were rather old when Cain's egg hatched. Both of them had ignored marriage or romance all of their life, and eventually after settling down together deciding to get married. They truly did not expect they'd ever have a child, and were genuinely surprised when Cain hatched. Both parents were worried when Cain was born, that he would be weak as they were both aging and not as healthy as they should be. But yet they discovered that their little boy was very strong, and very healthy.
From even a young age Cain always admired his father. His father was a Houndoom who had traveled many cities and regions battling, and was a very strong, well trained fighter. When Cain was little he would try and imitate his father, trying to wear similar clothes as him, walk like him, and even eat like him. But with the discovery that black sugarless coffee is absolutely disgusting to him, he decided to instead follow his actions in battle, and perhaps not his choices in diet. 
Cain's father, Joel, was excited that his son was so eager to follow in his footsteps, and after plenty of begging, Joel decided to teach his son how to fight. For a long time it was simple things, easy moves such as Tackle, Leer, and Howl. After all, Cain's mother, Natasha, got rather nervous when her husband began to teach her little boy how to battle, nervous that he may get hurt.
When he came to be of age, Cain was sent to school. His promise to his dad during his elementary years was that if Cain did good in school, he got to learn more things about battling. Eager to expand his knowledge, Cain tried his hardest in school, which was rewarded afterwards with plenty of lessons. The older he got, the stronger he got, and by the time he was out of middle school, he had already evolved into a Manectric. His father Joel began to see that battling was more than a hobby for his son, it had become a passion. 
When Cain was in high school, he barely needed his father to teach him anything at all, rather instead to improve, he practiced every day. He had learned all of his father's techniques and styles, simply now needing to perfect them and master them. With this type of knowledge, his focus slowly began to stray from his grades, feeling as though that of course, he did not need to graduate in order to become a fighter. At first both parents took the dropping of his grades as a sign their son was stressed, but after catching him in a lie, they discovered that it was not stress, but laziness. Cain had become too absorbed in battling to truly focus on much else, not applying himself in the slightest, far too lazy to keep up with the tough high school projects, and barely passing his freshman and even flunking a few classes sophomore year.
Both parents were at a loss of what to do. Their son was very opinionated and bold with himself, telling them blatantly that his junior year, he did not care if he passed or failed. They wanted the best for their boy, wanting him to graduate with a high school diploma, so that if the fighting life proved to be unsuccessful, he could find a job elsewhere. Running out of options, his mother began to look around for a school that had more to offer than basic courses, one that would not tolerate his lack of dedication. 
Almost a semester into the school year, his parents found what they were looking for. Armonia. They did not want to send their only son away so far, but they also wanted to see him succeed. After a lot of arguing and convincing, they talked Cain into switching schools, persuading him with the fact this school had a battle class, and anything that Cain would ever want in a school. With the money saved up and his bags packed, Cain reluctantly was off on his way to a new school- hopefully to pick his grades up to a passing level, but only time would tell what the Manectric would truly do when it came time for classes to begin. 

Summary characteristic: Hates to lose
Hobbies: Battling, or running.

Giga impact(TM/Normal/Physical) The user charges at the target with all of it's power. The user must rest the next turn. 
Wild Charge-(Level up/Electric/Physical) The user shrouds itself in electricity and smashes into its target. It also damages the user a little.
Snarl-(Tutor/Dark/Special) The user yells as if it is ranting about something, making the targets’ Sp. Atk stat decrease.
Thunder-(Level up/Electric/Special) A wicked thunderbolt is dropped on the target to inflict damage. It may also leave the target with paralysis.
MiCKKeH Aug 25, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
AHHH! DUDE! 8D I totally knew it was a manectric when I saw him!! 8DD Hishairisjustgorgeousok? BIII <3 lol~~ I like that you didn't keep to the typical shades that the original pokemon was ouo <3 It really makes him look unique~ <33 I've done that in the past for characters and people have been SUCH fatheads like "AMG YOU CAN'T RECOLOR A POKEMON D8<" and i'm like "MY ART MY RULES D8<" UGH So annoying B,I ANYWAYS X,D Sorry for the rant BI But I praise you for it totally~! ouo <3 I think you did a really great job with his backstory too~~ ;D <3
Oh haha I'm so glad you recognized him ;w;! Thanks so much Mick c;! And ahhh... yeah Manectric's shades were a little too bright for my liking hah;; I'm used to working with dark colors LOL;; DUDE RIGHT I've seen so many people flip out because of little changes :I like it's not like we're making them rainbow and sparkly and altering them so that the pokemon looks entirely different??? I mean i guess if you made a rainbow shelled blastoise with polka dots and stripes that's understandable but otherwise, pbthh
But thanks so much for commenting! I feel super special eue <3 
And late reply, sorry, school ugh
MiCKKeH Aug 29, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
oh yeah totally~! ;D Not a prob at all~ >U< <33 hehe
It soooo annoys me when people get like that about it XDD haha I's not like...recoloring them XD you're making a character from that species! It'd be dumb if someone recolored a Pikachu like Bright Pink and said it was their own original species XDD having a pokemon character with the species and changing up the color bases is not a crime BI GOD....what happened to artistic freedom? XDD LOL Oh god that'd be such a flaming Blastoise XDD LOL
You're so welcome hunn ;D it's not a prob! You do it for me all the time so sharin the love right? ;D hehe~~
Oh don't be sorry XD <3 it's all good! I'm slow with my replies and I don't even HAVE school anymore QAQ XD
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